CodeRD5/6x series of image-type fixed bar code recognizer developed independently by Chinese Academy of Sciences. the bar code reading equipment is highly integrated with LED frequency flash source, large depth of field industrial lens, high-speed and high-resolution image acquisition component, embedded processor and other components, which can realize low-cost application and facilitate simple field installation.

The DSP-based barcode recognition algorithm uses the completely self-developed Fine Decode technology, built-in "horizontal and vertical bidirectional barcode stitching", "super-resolution reconstruction", "pixel lossless rotation" and other technologies, which can read barcodes at high speed and easily deal with problems such as bar code stains, wrinkles, distortion, tilt, blur, etc., the accuracy rate reaches 98.5%. The above is the perfect solution for fast and automatic sorting of goods and parcels and process traceability.

Technical Indicators

Image resolution500 million (2560×1920)1200 million (4096×3072)2000 million(5120×3840)
Image frame rate60 frames / second60 frames / second30 frames / second
Belt speed5 m/s4 m/s3 m/s
Read the bar code rate15 times / second10 times / second10 times / second
Multi code readingSupport, 10 at a timeSupport, 10 at a timeSupport, 10 at a time
The width of the view600mm900mm1200mm
Item height0~600mm0~1000mm0~1000mm
Image algorithmFine Decode algorithmFine Decode algorithmFine Decode algorithm
Bar code typeSupport a variety of typesSupport a variety of typesSupport a variety of types
Bar code density0.2mm0.15mm0.15mm
Recognition rate≥98.5%≥98.5%≥98.5%
Lens typeType CType FType F



RS485, EthernetRS485, EthernetRS485, Ethernet
Power specificationDC24V/4ADC24V/4ADC24V/4A
Protection gradeIP65IP65IP65
LED light source

Integrated stroboscopic and highlighted LED light source, red,

  blue and white three; Can also be external auxiliary light source.

Barcode Reading System