The dynamic measuring system consists of a dynamic scale, a 3D size measuring instrument, and a high-precision barcode recognition system. When the parcel is transported to the dynamic scale by the telescopic conveyor belt, the 3D size measuring instrument, high-precision barcode system and dynamic scale collect bar code, weight and volume data, and automatically upload to the server. If the parcel data collection is abnormal, the non-site package, the network arrears, etc., the dynamic measuring system will stop the parcel in the scan code segment of the dynamic scale and prompt the operator to perform manual operation.

Technical Indicators

Sorting ability2000~3000  pieces/ hour (optional)
Speed of sorting line1.6~2 m/s (optional) 
Bar code recognition rate≥99%
Accuracy of dynamic measuring0.05kg
System driver Linear motor
The shape of a sorted packageLarge woven bags, soft packages,cartons,etc

Dynamic Measuring System