The Cross-belt Sortation System uses certain number of carriers driven by linear motor to move along the circular track at a high speed continuously, and the labeled parcels will be read by the high- precision scanner on top side for sorting. The software will inform the carrier to out feed the parcel to the right chute. We call this destination program. It is applicable for the large and medium-sized places of e-commerce, clothing, express and other industries.

In structure, the cross-belt sorting system is mainly composed of four parts, which are control device, sorting device, conveying device and sorting outfeeds.

Our cross-belt sorting system adopts traditional mechanical design, with strong structure, gentle and accurate sorting action. It is popular among the e-commerce platform and express service clients and it becomes the mainstream of sorting equipment in recent years globally.

Technical Indicators

Sorting ability12000~72000 pieces/ hour (optional) 

Speed of sorting line

   1.2~2.5 m/s (optional) 
Sorting accuracy≥99.99%
Bar code recognition rate≥99%
Item's loading way  Automatic/ manual
System driverLinear motor
The shape of a sorted packageEnvelopes, woven bags, soft packages, cartons, etc

Cross-belt Sortation System